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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

We are normally available between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m Monday - Friday. Our Secure Server though never takes time off and is available 24/7 and 365 days a year!!!

What payment methods do you take?

We take Visa, Master Card on our website, by phone or faxed in. We payments can also be mailed to us. Please note that if you pay by cheque or money order your order will be held until funds are cleared by our bank. 

How long does a Standup take to arrive?

Normal delivery time is between 7-16 business days from the time your payment is processed. Some Standups require extra time for processing. If you need your items faster please call/email us for Express Delivery.  During times of bad weather, Christmas  trade and acts beyond our control can increase delivery time.

Do you do custom orders?

We can make arrangements for Custom Standups to be made for you. However, these cannot be Standups of Celebrities, Licensed and Copyrighted Characters.  Please contact us for further info at

Do you accept returns?

Returns are accepted, however there is a 20% restock charge and the shipping is not refunded. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. Any order returned without prior authorisation will be treated as a un-authorised return and no refunds will be given.

Where do you ship?

We ship to Australia & New Zealand only.

My Merchandise arrive damaged what can I do?


If you send something back without our authorization NO REFUND will be given.

We cannot make any exceptions to this.

If you have received damaged merchandise you must provide:photographic proof must be sent)

1. Send us the tracking number on the package and a description of the damage.

2. Photographic proof/evidence of the damage.

We will then file a claim for you. Please note that we have no responsibility on damages, it is up to the shipping company to make restitution. If the item is still available we will try and have a replacement sent out before we have been reimbursed from the shipper if it is not we will issue a refund only after the shipper has refunded us. You must save both the shipping packaging and the damaged item for inspection for at least 10 business days.

We have not received our order?

Normal delivery time is between 7-16 business days from the time your payment is processed. 

If you have not received your merchandise in this time frame please contact us for information.  We will track the items for you and let you know the status. Please understand that this can take a little time. If for some reason the item has not shipped we will have it expedited if in stock. If it is temporarily out of stock we will give you a ETA and you can then let us know if you wish to wait, take a substitute or cancel the order. If we find that this has been delivered we will give you the tracking number and information. Please understand that once the item has been shipped all claims must be made with the carrier. We will do everything we can to get a replacement sent before your claim is settled but sometimes we must wait for the Carrier to settle the claim first.


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